Looking to install switches. Do these boxes have neutral?

From my limited knowledge I think they do. Figured I’d ask here to see if you guys can tell.

Box 1. Two switches.

Fan (left): https://imgur.com/a/CZOGUca



Light (right): https://imgur.com/QM3RXT4


Box 2: Pantry light. This one confuses me because the wires together in the back aren’t white. https://imgur.com/ssAXl7r

Box 3: Three switches. Left - kitchen light. Middle - fan light. Right - Fan. This box has two groups of wires put together in the back. Is that because it’s controlling a separate light along with the fan/light combo?





Neutrals are the white bundles tied together in the back of the boxes.

Traditional switches don’t use neutrals but it appears that your electrical wiring is done correctly. That’s why they are there but not connected to anything…well at least in the boxes.

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Do you know what the black bundle in the single switch box could be if not neutral? Also, the 3 switch box has 4 white wires together. Do I just treat it like it’s the normal two wires and run a wire from each switch to that bundle of 4?

Blacks tied together could be just another circuit that’s feeding something else.

Are you sure there is no white bundle in the single box…It’s Romex so I’m thinking they are there.

The bundle of 4 whites can be tapped into. Instead of trying to twist both whites into the already big bundle. Just connect 1 to the bundle and then go white to white at the switches. That’s why there are two holes on the switch.

It does have a white bundle. I just missed it the first time. So one white from bundle to switch. Then go switch to switch ? What about separating the bundled wires and running the respective run to each switch ?

Don’t take this the wrong way, but id either do some basic research on house wiring or hire an electrician. I bought this book and it was very helpful
Black & Decker The Complete Guide to Wiring, Updated 7th Edition: Current with 2017-2020 Electrical Codes (Black & Decker Complete Guide) https://www.amazon.com/dp/0760353573/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_2BAnBb47TT28G

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No offense taken. I understand that it can be dangerous if not done correctly. I’ll pick that book up. Thanks


Big NO!

Each one of those whites that are in the bundle is going to a circuit. You will break that circuit if you reassign one of the whites to the switch. You have to add to the bundle (pigtail).

If not a 3 way switch, then it’s pretty straight forward. You should also invest in a multimeter (max $25).

Watch a couple of YouTube videos on how to wire Smart Switches with neutrals.


Thanks. I have wired basic switches before so I’m confident enough only to not shock myself lol. I planned on grabbing a meter today too.

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