Looking for zigbee or thread long lightstrip

My mother in law, who uses smartthings, would like to put lightstrips around her living room molding. She would like it to change color natively within smartthings, be local (zwave, zigbee, thread), be along as possible, all without breaking the bank. It doesn’t need fancy functionality or features outside of changing colors. What are her best options?


Just pointing out that Matter over WiFi devices are local too, like the WiZ or Govee Matter strips.

Also, changing the colour with the SmartThings app is not a local operation since the app requires the cloud. It would be local only if you have buttons with automations to change the colour.


Hue in combination with the community LAN driver to interact with Hue scenes ect. would be local:

What she is looking for is the ability to create local automations and to use the native app to control the colors as needed, not go into another app to set up scenes.
Do you have any links to any reasonably priced matter light strips?
Phillips Hue seems to be very expensive, especially when pricing out hundreds of feet.

WiZ has just launched many models of different sizes and specs. There’s a basic 30 meters one for 50€.

However, in light strips you usually pay what you get. It’s not the same a RGB light strip with poor colour reproduction and low lumens than a RGBWW strip with good colour reproduction and high lumens.

I guess for your use case the basic ones for a slight colour touch will do. Whites are usually awful in the cheap strips because they don’t have white LEDs.

Philips Hue are expensive, but their sister brand Wiz are budget priced.

  1. Govee, Matter over WiFi. List priced at about $9/foot for the 6 foot length, dropping down to about six dollars/foot for the 16 foot length, frequent discount coupons bring that down about 10%. Very bright, nice colors, lots of special features in the Govee app. Individually controllable, so you can make different sections of the same strip different colors. Also allows for true white and even some tunable white. Popular because of the quality at this price. If you need a strip that can provide both white workspace lining and then shift to mood lighting, this is usually the top choice.
  1. Nanoleaf essentials, Matter over Thread. List priced about $7.50 foot for the shorter strip, dropping down to under $6 per foot for the longer one . Hardly ever goes on sale. Many people have complained that these are challenging to pair, although that seems to be improving. Not as bright as Govee, but not bad.
  1. Wiz RGBIC, Matter over WiFi. List priced under $2/foot. Dimmer than options 1 or 2, These are good for mood lighting, but not for workspaces.

With all of these, though, you get the best scene management in their own app. Matter doesn’t yet have support for scenes, so from the SmartThings app you’ll be able to turn on and off, dim, and do some color changing, but you may not be able to set the individual sections to different colors and you won’t get the fancy effects like kaleidoscopes and racing (Where one color appears to race across the length of the LED as the different sections change colors).

All will communicate between the hub and the LED strip locally, but, as always, the SmartThings app itself is not local, so anything you do through that interface requires the cloud.

Using a Wi-Fi slot for mood lighting can be problematic, depending on The specific router and Internet plan that she has. Some routers only allow 32 simultaneous Wi-Fi connections. Some Internet plans also limit the number of available connections. So people do sometimes find They run out of Wi-Fi slots once they start adding lots of smart lighting devices to their home. It’s one of the main reasons that Zigbee became so popular for smart lighting. So that’s just something to research before you start buying a lot of Wi-Fi lights. :man_shrugging:t2: