Looking for Tower Fan that works with SmartThings. Any suggestions?

That’s good information, but you are replying to a thread which is four years old and quite a bit has changed in that time.

Most significantly, there are now three other possibilities for integration which may work for you. All of these involve using the fan’s own shutdown and restart mechanisms, not just killing the power, so they should be easier on the fan mechanism. You will not need a smart plug: these methods work with the fan itself.

  1. Use Alexa as an intermediary. if you can find a fan that works with Alexa, and assuming that smartthings does in fact fix the SmartThings/Alexa integration which is currently broken (smartthings engineering is aware of the problem and is working on it), then you may be able to use an Alexa routine (not a smartthings routine) for integration. This will not require buying any additional devices except the fan itself.

The following would probably work, although I haven’t actually tested these, and again, right now, September 2020, the smartthings/alexa integration is broken. :disappointed_relieved:

  1. Find a fan which has an IR remote and then use one of the methods For integrating with a device of that type. This method will require having an additional device to act as an IR blaster.

FAQ: How to Use SmartThings with an IOT Device that has an IR Remote

Here’s one example which should work:

If you find a model that you were interested in but you are not sure if it is using an IR remote, look it up in the Logitech Harmony device compatibility database. if it works with Harmony, it is probably using an IR remote. :sunglasses:


  1. find a fan which has a push button remote and use a SwitchBot button pusher to literally physically press the buttons. Switchbot has an official smartthings integration. This will not be the least expensive option, but sometimes this is the best way to retrofit otherwise dumb devices. This method requires buying a button pusher for each of the buttons that you want to push, so it can get expensive if you want more than just on/off. Plus you need the button pusher’s bridge device to get the smartthings integration. Setup may be easier than the IR option, but it can definitely get expensive if you want to try to emulate all the possible button pushes on the fan’s controls. :thinking:

For this method it doesn’t matter what protocol the fan’s remote uses, or if it has a remote at all. There just has to be a physical button and enough space for the SwitchBot to be attached to push it. Still, most fans vibrate so much that the switchbot will tend to fall off the fan itself, so it’s usually better to put it on a remote.

2020 Switchbot Review ( robot button pusher), integration through IFTTT or new V3 app

So there are now quite a few more options since more and more people are looking for smart fans of some type. :wind_face: