Looking for ST Monitoring status light solution

I have looked and looked for a programmable device to display the status of the ST app’s ST Monitoring. I would like to position these devices next to the light switches beside entry doors inside the house, and one inside the garage on the wall next to the entry door going into the kitchen. There are no power outlets in the walls within foolproof viewing distance of the door handles.

I have seen the Iris keypad. I’m not sure about using this as a solution. I have read a lot of comments in threads about how difficult it is to install and configure the keypads. I don’t really need the arming and disarming features which a keypad provides. There are no kids here, and both of us adults can just use our phone to arm and disarm the system.

I am visualizing something simple like a green light (or no light) when the monitoring is disarmed, a red light if the system is armed, and a flashing red light if there is an alarm state triggered while the monitoring is armed. It would be nice to have a programmable LED mounted in the switchplate cover for my light switches by the doors, but I have not found anything like that.

I did find this device by Abode (https://www.amazon.com/abode-systems-inc-System-Indicator/dp/B07DMB7MKL/ref=sr_1_16?ie=UTF8&qid=1547229881&sr=8-16&keywords=abode+security). When I contacted Abode support, they tell me that it is a ZigBee device and will only connect to their hub. They were not even aware that ST hubs can connect to ZigBee devices. Has anyone used one of these successfully with SmartThings? They are battery powered and are on sale on their website right now for $24.

Most of the requests for this kind of information are pretty old. I would like for this to be a “clean” look, and not cobbled together. So, adding a power outlet and then plugging in a zwave light switch with a light plugged into it is not what I am looking for.

I may be mistaken, but I’m pretty sure that one is on Abode’s proprietary frequency, not zigbee. It sounds like the support person was confused.

Anyway, lots of community members have had the same use case, and have solved it in many different ways.

Here’s a good one that covers many of the options:

And here’s one from just a few months ago which covers some of the newer options as well:

Hopefully you can find something there that will work for you. :sunglasses:

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