Looking for SmartApp to unlock door after a given amount of time

(jonathan quinn) #1

I’m using a smarthings and a Kwikset 910 to lock our cat in a bathroom while we feed him, to keep him from eating his brother’s food.

I’m looking for an App that I can have the deadbolt unlock after 10 minutes. What’s the best way to do it?

(Dan P Parker) #2

You have a cat that can operate door knobs?

(jonathan quinn) #3

Ha, I’ve taken out the door latch, so it’s not latching. The Deadbolt will be the only thing keeping it closed. The cat will push the door open.

(Robin) #4

You could have used a magnetic lock and Zwave relay… but you already have the quickset.

Just use webCoRE for the brains rather than trying to find a specific app for the purpose.

(Robin) #5