Looking for RESTful LAN Skeleton

As I am diving deeper into SmartThings and need to connect to LAN attached devices through RESTful JSON/XML I am looking for a ‘Hello World’ of the most simplistic way to build a connector and device driver.

Aside from the Sonos connector is there a generic example on how to get started?

Looking for an easy to follow example, potentially documented.

If none exists, would anybody with experience help me build one? Sounds like several community members are struggling with that problem.

I get that the APIs aren’t fully baked yet, and documentation is just too high-level without enough examples one can start with.

There are tons of devices out there that have RESTful endpoints that could easily be integrated if there would be a skeleton example that developers can start from.

Appreciate any help I can get!

You are right there isn’t a whole lot of documentation. Search the community for “hubaction” to see the ones I used for a simple thing I implemented on my home network. There are many controlling IP cameras. Here is one that I found useful as an example:

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