Looking for Outdoor Night Motion Sensor and lighting?

Today we turned a 13$ outdoor motion sensor flood light into a Z-Wave outdoor motion sensor flood light.
Now I can trigger all of my scenes, other lights inside and out, sirens, even other flood lights making it appear that someone is home all from this one Z-Wave motion light.
I can even get notifications on my phone when this happens instantly.
The best part is that the motion sensor is easy to install, use and is made for outdoor use.

Take a look and tell us what you think.

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I already have flood lights with motion sensors - you have a link on the product page for just adding a relay under these circumstances, but I don’t see instructions for proper setup (the link just takes me to purchase the relay). How do I add the relay? Is it wired behind the flood light? Or is it wired at the switch for the floodlight?


I would like to know more as well with same questions as @Anseld1986.

and same question.

Most likely installed at the light fixture connecting it to the flood light relay. I did this with a monoprice single relay at my old house.

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Yes the relay is installed in the electrical box behind the fixture.

Are the fixtures also connected to switches inside, or are they on a continuous power circuit?

Sure would be nice to see how it is hooked up. Just an example. No need to order the relay until I know how it is hooked up

The fixtures are normal motion floods you get from your local hardware store. Alone (without the Z-Wave relay added), they would install as a light and and are usually controlled usually with a 110vac wall switch.

Our Outdoor Motion lights with a Z-Wave relay attached, can be ran with continuous power (110vac) circuit as they will only triggered with the attached motion or our Z-wave relay.
They can also be turned on with any Z-Wave controller.

I hope that answers your question.

I will try to get a installation video up in the next few days.
But basically the relay needs 110vac to operate. The relay installs between the floods motion and the lights.

Please do and recommend a relay that you are using off your site. I could not see one except for the actual switches

Did anyone figure out how this worked? The possibility of using a 240V powered external motion sensor (I’m in the UK) to trigger ST would be a good solution for me.


The relays we use are 110VAC. The same as the motion flood lights. You would have to find a 240V counterpart in your country to work with your motion flood lights which I am assuming are 240V also.

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For ref, more info here which has some duplicate information and led me to an answer.

Could you please suggest the relay make/model? I have a different setup with wireless motion sensor (Zenith) and multiple light bulbs connected to the switch, I can’t have the same setup as you’ve made. I couldn’t find a proper relay except Fibaro which is not US specs and costs a fortune.

Thank you!

This system works great. I have three of them and work a lot better than smarthings motion sensors and you get up to half a mile. I dont get false alarms to boot.

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Can you direct to a video post of the installation if there is one ?
Or is there a schematic on the wire connections ?

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Here is the instructional video on our new lineup of wall lights. The process is the same as the motion floods.

I saw these a while back Phil when I first started looking into outdoor motion detection to compliment my STs system and separate alarm and camera systems. This too would be a separate stand alone system? It has its own app? It is not compatible with STs correct?

Thanks for your initial response and input!