Looking for Konnected Keypad

Hey everyone, I am looking for a keypad that works with Smartthings Monitor and Konnected. I saw the Iris keypad but it requires batteries which I really don’t want to deal with. Is there any other keypad out there that I can use that doesn’t require batteries? I am planning to remove my old keypad so I could use the power wires on the new one if needed.

If you’re comfortable with a bit of soldering / hacking, you should be able to tie your wiring into the Iris keypad (with a voltage converter) and eliminate the battery.


Yeah after searching and talking with other people I found this to be the best solution and going with that. Thanks!

Depending on the exact battery size used, you can probably just use a dummy battery and not need to solder anything at all. (These are also called “battery eliminators.”)

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Thanks, I couldn’t remember the right term…