Looking for IR Extender Z-Wave products

any recommendation?

I wish to “Teach” the Z-wave IR Extender using my A.C remote on/off signal, lower/higher temp, mode and fan.

While not Z-wave you can also control a lot of wall/window a/c units with a Harmony hub.


Thanks, that is the only one I found too, anyone knows any others?

is this product easily connected to ST Hub ?
How to connect general z-wave device that not officially supported or not on the app list ?

There are 1000s of devices ( okay maybe not actually 1000s ) that work with ST that are not in the list.

If ST does not properly identify it, you can add the device type yourself. A 5 sec search of this forum gave me this device type. , which seems to work

There are plenty of thread on how to add device handlers and apps to your account.

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Iv’e checket the Remotec solution - is there any other product but this one?

Only other option I know of is to add a/c to Harmony hub. Issue there is that Harmony thinks all IR devices are entertainment devices. So while you can control them with the Harmony app, actually adding them to automatons needs some real creativity.