Looking for help improving a device handler for dlink dch-z110

I currently have a dlink dch-z110 with tibor’s DH.
I’ve found why I’m not getting illumination updates from the device.
I need to be able to configure the device to send more updates.
I have a tech document that details what needs changing but I have zero ability or knowledge of DH’s.
I have mailed Tibor but he advised he is busy and unable to look at improving the DH.
I wondered if anyone would be able to take his work and help me improve it.
Tech document

If you look at option 22 on page 12 this appears to control the update timer of the lux.

It would be good to change options 12 and 13 and or 20. May need to adjust option 21.

Is anyone able to assist me please?

I’ve updated your topic title to give the device brand and model number, hopefully that will attract more attention.

There are literally hundreds of different devices that can be made to work with smartthings. If you are just asking a general question about writing device type handlers, then that would go in the developer section of the forum. But for a question like yours, which is about a specific device, naming that device in the topic title will generally get more attention from people who do have that particular device. When the topic title is more generic, a lot of people just skip it.