Looking for guidance - noob

I am relatively new to the whole smart device thing, but I have had a fair amount of issues connecting to devices and have started to research whether a hub makes sense or another router that I force 2.4ghz.

My set up:
Xfinity router + 3 xpods (mesh)
Feit smart light bulbs
Samsung smart tv
Lg smart tv
Honeywell thermostats
Schlage smart locks
Ring doorbell
Ring video camera
Craftsman WiFi garage door opener
…probably some other stuff…

It is not critical that I have one app to control them all, I just want to be able To connect to the devices Seems like once a month, I have to reset my modem to dual band to access that device, like to dim a lightbulb.

The options I have are

Keep my networked split, meh
Buy a second router and have two networks, meh
By 2.4 ghz router and use it as a bridge… not sure if that would work
Buy a smart hub, which I am just learning about.

Will the hub transmit at 2.4 ghz and all my problems solved? Can I still use the individual apps on my smart phone, which is probably connect at 5ghz? Does the hub use my same said or generate a new one?

Sorry for the noob questions. Thanks in advance

Hubs are usually used to communicate with Zigbee or zwave devices. If they do use Wi-Fi, they typically just connect to your existing Wi-Fi router like any other Wi-Fi device would. So they don’t really apply to the situation you’re describing. They don’t change the way your other Wi-Fi devices, like your lightbulbs, connect to your Wi-Fi network.

There are a few home automation hubs which are also Wi-Fi mesh systems, but they won’t solve your problem either as they do the same thing that almost all Wi-Fi mesh systems do, which is always connect you to the most efficient band. So that doesn’t help your situation either.

From what you’re describing, it sounds like the issue is with the particular brand and model of lightbulbs that you have. Most Wi-Fi lightbulbs do not need to be reset every month. Or are you saying that you are adding new devices on a regular basis?