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We are a start up trying to connect various devices in your home using Smartthings and provide intelligence based on the data collected from various devices.

We have just completed integrating with Z wave thermostats and have successfully tested data collection and visualization for one home.

We are looking for volunteers to register with us so that we can collect thermostat data from your home and help in visualizing the data. The goal is the Beta test what we have developed. If you are interested, please email us on idigitalhome@gmail.com. We will provide specific instructions and even demo of what benefit you will get.

Visit us on www.idigihome.com for more details.

iDigiHome team

Hi IdigiHome Team. Slow down the 3 scrolling pics on your webpage. I am getting dizzy just by looking at them. So you want to monitor and collect all my sensors and switches at home? unless there is something I don’t know but most z-wave thermostats are pretty good at optimizing energy usage. Nest is one of them. It just sounds creepy to have you monitor all the activities 24/7.


Understand your concern. The testing is primarily for thermostat (as it is the first device we have integrated) where we can collect data about thermostat run time and temperature. You are right, most of the thermostats promises to offer optimized usage etc (including nest). Why this is different is because of the folllowing

  • The sensors of other thermostats are right where the thermostat is and hence depending on how big your house is, you may or may not be able to accurately control the thermostat with other events. With iDigihome you will be able to trigger events on the thermostat based on activities any place in you home. Smart Hub will enable this.

  • The other benefits which you are not able to get with any other thermostats is the fact that you have to interact with the thermostat to provide instructions on runtime or have motion near the thermostat to trigger an event. With iDigiHome, thermostats learn from the data we collect and make your experience fluid.

  • The other thing missing from regular smart thermostat is ability to determine the insulation of the house (based on outside temperature). iDigihome solves that.

If you would like to discuss more on the various use cases possibilities, let me know. I can walk you through the setup and provide information. Please email us on idigitalhome@gmail.com