[Looking For] Alarm Clock Device type

Forum Search is not my friend here, and I feel like I’ve seen a device that would work, but I cannot find it…

I’m looking for a simple virtual device that is an alarm clock. The device has a time as a primary input, and an on/off switch that goes to on at the time indicated. There may have also been an enable/disable, or days of the week selections… User inputs the time that they want the alarm clock to go off. I may need to build my own, but I feel like this one has already been made.

I suspect I could achieve the same thing through webcore, but I would really like to have a device type through the main app.

I would see this more as a smartapp, not a device type handler, but whatever works for you. :sunglasses:

The “Gentle wake up” smartapp already provides a form of this. It’s designed to have lights go from dim to bright at a specific time, But it should be easy enough to modify just to turn a single virtual switch on.

You might also want to take a look at the quick browse lists In the smart apps section for the “alerts” list. Also under project reports. There’s some stuff there that people have been doing with Google calendar that might be of interest.


I agree at this point webcore is probably going to give you the most options, but I just wanted to mention these in case any of them were the ones you had seen before. :sunglasses:

Thanks JD.

I probably should have mentioned that I was aware of the smart-app versions, and linked to them. Its definitely a simple enough idea that there would be lots of ways to do it. Just really hard to search among the other kind of alarms…


Thank you Robin! I linked this up with IFTTT to turn it into a daily wake up call for my aging mother-in-law who does not have internet. Just what I needed.

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Well, the alarm clock runs on my ST hub, which is internet connected. That integrates with IFTTT which then makes an old fashioned telephone wake-up call to my MIL.

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