Looking for advice on my first project: entryway smart lighting

I have a pair of those monoprice motion sensors, a pair of aeon 6 sensors and 3 or 4 ST sensors. Of those three types, the monoprice ones are my least favorite. They are the least sensitive of the group, slowest to respond and they seem to have difficulty working with the “turn off after X minutes of inactivity” command writing smart lighting.

As I get more sensors, they will be demoted to non critical type areas…


Awesome, thanks again @JDRoberts and @Schro , this is exactly what I’m looking for! I will probably steer clear of the monoprice sensor then. I’ll be reading that thread (again, hehe) and glean the motion sensor info from it this time!

Super interesting and helpful info too JD about the way they detect and ideal placement methods. This will greatly help with how I decide to place it.

I’m also going to have to do some research/learning about how to program its behavior to my specifications… such as I don’t want it to automatically turn on during the primary daylight hours (it’s a daylight basement which doesn’t need extra lights during the day). I’m hoping there’s a way to tell it to turn on my light on motion but only something like 20 minutes before sundown until 20 minutes after sunrise. Otherwise I don’t want it to trigger on motion at all. I assume that’s possible?

I do also have two cats so I’ll have to decide how to deal with that…

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In SmartThings, you don’t filter the behavior of the device; rather you put restrictions on each rule that you create for when that rule applies.

There are many different ways to do this. You can do it with a time range, you can do it with the mode, if you need something really complicated you can use core.

The simplest is probably just to use the official smart lighting feature, which does allow you to specify the time of day as a range based on sunset.


You can find out more about how to schedule various kinds of rules in the following FAQ:

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Beautiful, thank you good Sir! I’ve become quite famiar with the Smart Lighting app and use the sunrise sunset restrictions for my porch and entryway lights. So that should work perfect for my motion sensor as well then!

Will read through all the links you attached regardless as there’s ALWAYS more to learn… Thanks again! :+1:

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I have adjusted the sensitivity on one of my Aeon6’s to the lowest level in the stock device handler and the cat will no longer trigger it. At stock levels, he will trigger the ST ones (that are not sensitivity configurable in the stock device type), and I don’t know on the monoprice ones as they are in cat free zones.