Looking for a zwave device to play multiple sounds

Is there any device that I can use that will play a different sound/tone based on which zwave device has been activated?
for example:
motion detector plays sound 1
door switch plays sound 2
presence sensor sound 3 etc.

Any assistance would be appreciated.


Check out the Aeotec Doorbell


After reading other threads about this doorbell, it appears that with custom device handlers other zwave devices can follow rules (in rule machine) that will activate the doorbell, and at the same time tell it which sound to play.
Those rules are how I would enable different sounds to be played based on which device sent the request.

Is that correct?

Would this capability apply to other doorbells, such as the Aeon Labs unit?

That thread is for the aeon labs unit (aeotec is the line of products ). Afaik that is the only zwave unit you can store multiple custom sounds on. You could as an alternative look at a cheap dlna media player or sonos for custom notifications.

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Thanks for the info!

No problem here are a few links

Also I believe the popular smartapp Rule Machine can also be used to send custom messages to dlna / sonos devices but the guys over there would have more info.


I will also add in that LANnouncer is great for messages.

I use it on a tablet that is Bluetooth connected to my Amazon Echo, so the announcements come over the Echo.


This is for the Aeon Labs Doorbell and this device allows you to store up to 100 custom mp3s and play them by track number using Rule Machine. Most people use free TTS websites to create their mp3s so they can say anything you want.

Thanks for the reply!