Looking for a ZigBee dimmer for gu4 bulbs

Hi, complete beginner here, both to smartthings and electrical work (though I can wire a plug). Anyway, I have a dresser with 4 gu4 downlighters. The power currently goes through a dimmer and then onto a dimmer transformer before finally hitting the gu4s. I would like to get a ZigBee dimmer and have seen a few in eBay, but they all use 12v which make me think I need to get a transformer before wiring to a ZigBee dimmer unit. Unless someone knows of a ZigBee transformer and dimmer in one I could use? Have enclosed a pic of the transformer I am trying to replace as well as a pic of what I was thinking of getting.

Any tips or even recommendations for sites that might help would be much appreciated. Ta, nick

Here the Dimmer version

Many thanks, suppose I just need a 12v transformer before that and away I go. I don’t suppose you know if they sell them in the UK? Having trouble finding them. Ta.


Hard to see, on the left hand side of the controller is the 12v DC power in: 2 wires or a laptop power adapter plug fits.

Do you buy on AliExpress?


GBP 18,54

A suitable power supply:

1 stks 12V5A Nieuwe AC 100 V-240 V 60 W Converter power Adapter DC12V 5A 2.1mm-2.5mm * 5.0mm DC Plug Voeding Adapter

Grtn Ben