Looking for a smartapp for garage door

Looking for a smartapp to close my garage after a certain amount of minutes. Clueless about writing code

garage (Monoprice z-wave tilt sensor) is open for X amount of time

Turn on switch (sonoff)

Thanks in advance.

Search “rboy garage” . Comprehensive new app for this.


We need to ask a few questions first.

  1. Which model of smartthings hub do you have?

  2. Which mobile app are you using: SmartThings Classic or “SmartThings (Samsung Connect)”?

  3. Do you have a Samsung Galaxy phone, a different android phone, or an iPhone?

The rule building options available are slightly different depending on these answers. So it’s definitely doable, we just need to know a few more details. :sunglasses:

using V2, Smartthings Classic, and I am using an Axon ZTE android device

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In that case, I would agree, one of @rboy ‘s apps Would be best for this. They are behind a pay wall, so you have to pay a one time license fee of $35 which gives you access to all of his smartapps. They are quite popular in the community with those who are willing to pay a license fee as he has put a lot of work into them and they support many different features that people like. He also provides individual support if you have trouble getting one of them set up.

If you want a totally free option, webcore can also do this, but the setup will be more complex And the UI is less intuitive for non-programmers. But there are many community members are willing to help and it is very powerful.

So to be honest it just depends whether time or money is more important to you in solving this use case. If you’re willing to pay for a license, the rboyapps will Save you some time as long as they meet your specific needs. And @rboy has already done a lot of research on device and feature options. If you’re willing to put in the time, in the long run you can do pretty much anything you want with webcore. Choice is good. :sunglasses:

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yea I bought the lifetime and downloaded it. The garage smartapp for @rboy works great but does not have an auto close if garage x is open for x amount of time.

Do send a feature request to our support team and we’ll add it to the queue.

Keep in mind that auto closing a garage door after X minutes can have unintended side effects, for example if something is blocking it and you don’t have a sensor etc.

EDIT: Currently it closes the door automatically when someone leaves, so if the door was left open and you left why you would want it closed on a timer instead of a presence?

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Yes timer. I have mine set with presence to close on “goodbye” but that is 15min later… And… Everyone is gone. So for example if my wife leaves @ 7am and I dont get up tell 9am the door will just be open cause I am still home.

It would be nice to have timer to auto shut it say 5min after it opens regardless of presence. I used one app that did that but the timer was 1min regardless what it was set for in app.

You can find the updated app, release notes: