Looking for a lock that will take start and stop date/times with codes

There are hub-based solutions that will send codes to locks at a given date/time and then remove them at a given date/time.

That is not robust enough for a commercial application. What i would like is to have a LOCK that will take a code and start and end date/time from the hub (vs. just the code) to put into a slot. That way, from that point on, the lock manages if the code is valid or not based on the schedule sent to the lock.

this is a small but important distinction that would allow a smartthings lock to be used in a commercial environment where the schedule needs to be followed 100% of the time even if the lock is temporarily disconnected.

Please pardon my snark and pendanticism, but I can’t resist pointing out that SmartThings is not a “commercial” product (as explicitly excluded in the Terms of Service), and that rather applies to the Community as well. It’s not you - It’s just myself that never ceases to be perplexed by folks seeking commercial quality, reliability, and features from retail consumer targeted products.

If “robust enough for a commercial application” is your requirement, then you really need to buy an actual professional industrial lock system/solution. There are hundreds (thousands?) of such products, but probably only for sale to building and security contractors via wholesale channels… Probably.

That said, have you looked at the specs for each of the dozen or so popular consumer locks? I’m sure if any support built-in scheduling, this will be listed in their product sheets…

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I’m not aware of any consumer-level locks that support internal scheduling.
You’ll likely have to inquire with all the major lock manufacturers directly to determine if any such locks exist.


thanks for your response glen. there are specialty locks with proprietary hubs (kaba, pointcentral, lockstate) that support this but i was hoping for a z-wave/smarthings solution.

  too bad there is no chart of lock capabilities for z-wave and/or smartthings.  how many slots, internal scheduling, user names in slots, what networks it supports (z-wave/zigbee), things like that.    same for switches and thermostats and any devices.  i'm sure there are differences that are really hard to discern from their spec sheets for all devices.

  i guess i need to do the research create such a chart if i'm going to ask for it and it doesn't exist ;-)
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As much as we (ie, the long time active members of this Community) actually love SmartThings (warts and all, as they say!) and really work to make it better for ourselves and other customers…

Nearly all of us consistently say that it is essentially inappropriate for commercial use, unless the specific application and customer has a very high tolerance for instability, custom development and redundancy, and high maintenance efforts.

The issue isn’t any one particular component: Z-Wave and ZigBee, or Cloud computing, or App design, etc., are not inherently “bad” technologies. But each has limitations and vulnerabilities to stability and reliability and flexibility that, absent an extremely compensatory platform (including commercial level Tech Support, redundancy, and much more), just adds up to far too much risk and trouble for businesses that should be measuring ROI and cost vs. benefits.

SmartThings is a miracle in many ways, especially at its price point, but also in its immense potential and in the vision that Samsung has for the Platform. But to hope that it is currently or imminently even in the same neighborhood as commercial or luxury (dealer network) solutions is beyond optimistic; it is completely unrealistic.

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Check out this app, it’s being used extensively for commercial use and has a fair amount of redundancy built into with the Sure Programming Engine. Just ensure that your lock is within about 20ft of a repeater and the engine will take care of the rest

However, given that ST is a “cloud” environment no solution can update the lock while the internet is disconnected. The requirement is a stable internet connection.

Many locks support internal schedules but the current ST environment doesn’t support programming those schedules. We have a few custom DTH’s which have enabled those features on some locks but given that each lock operates differently and that the rest of the event processing happens in the cloud it isn’t a viable solution as yet for ST.

You can tweak app to change the engine’s retry count (to say 999) and it will keep retrying for a long time which is what most folks do who’re using the app where the internet connection is “spotty”.


Vera’s platform allows for that