Looking for a 3-way smart switch that I can directly access with HTTP or SNMP instead of app

I have an existing analog 3-way toggle switch, and I want to replace one of the switches with a smart switch that I can remotely control. For a myriad of reasons, I don’t trust any of the smart devices in my home with internet access. I put them on a dedicated network that cannot access the outside world to protect them from hacking. As such, any device that requires internet access and/or requires a specific third-party app that uses a remote web service is disqualified from my considerations. That has left me with … no options that I can currently find. What I’m hoping to find is a 3-way switch that has some form of HTTP (preferably), SSH, or SNMP interface that I can directly access to control through my self-programmed, whole-home dashboard software. Is anyone aware of any such 3-way smart switches that permit direct access like this? It’s fine if I have to use an app to initially set it up, as long as I can then control it via a local, direct API and disconnect it from the internet.

This forum is for people using the Samsung smartthings home automation platform. So any answers that you get are going to be within the context of that platform. But since the smartthings platform is cloud based, it sounds like it doesn’t really fit your requirements, so I’m a little confused.

The shortest answer to what you were asking is just to use zwave. It existed before many people had smart phones. So it’s really easy to set up an entirely local system using either a tabletop controller or to use one of the software based controllers which runs on a laptop and then you stick a USB stick in which has the radio transmitters. The end result is a completely local lighting system with a lot of options and many different possible switch choices. :sunglasses:

Take a look at the indigo domotics software, for example.


Another option would be Hubitat, which is a new hub that just came out last year and runs everything locally. There you can use either zwave switches or Lutron switches.

But what you’re describing is not really a good fit with smartthings, so I’m thinking this is probably not the right forum for you. Unless I’m misunderstanding what you’re describing, and you already have a Smartthings Hub and are looking for more local control within the constraints of that platform.

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I’m sorry, I think I misunderstood the purpose of this site. I spent several hours Googling for something that would fit my needs and this community kept coming up in the results, and I thought it was a community for generic smart things / home automation discussions I didn’t realize it was Samsung-specific. Thanks for recommending things nevertheless. I’ll take a look at your recommendations.

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Habitat + z-wave-enabled devices looks very promising. I need to read up a bit more, but this looks very promising and I will probably go this direction. Thank you very much for your recommendation.

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No problem, it happens all the time. This is a very active forum and smartthings can be extended to work with many different kinds of devices, so it often pops up near the top in Google searches. :sunglasses:

Sonoff might be an option…takes a little work but it has HTTP and doesn’t require 3rd party software