Look who showed up at dinner!

(Bobby) #1

Arlo strikes again to elevate xAF. My wife came to me last night to complain that the lights were on in the back. And my response was, “yes honey the lights were on because we had a visitor”. Her face was priceless when I showed her this video.

Custom motion alert app?

Is that a cat or a raccoon?

(Bobby) #3

It’s a racoon.


“Look who showed up for dinner!”

Does that mean you cooked that critter for dinner? :grin:

(Bobby) #5

That reminds my when I was fresh off the boat and went to take the trash out. I asked my wife, what animal looks like a pig with a rat tail, I just saw one dead near the dumpster. And my wife goes, that’s an opossum and you’re lucky it didn’t attack you.

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #6

How long have you been of the boat? Lol

(Bobby) #7

They let me out 15 years ago, but was a much different boat than the one you served on lol

(Jim Newman) #8

And served him with some fava beans and a nice Chianti.

(Bobby) #9

Thanks to Mitch, it was yummy!

(Kevin) #10

I kinda want a camera out my front door for just that. But I know its 1 of 2 things setting off my motion sensor. Neighbor kittie seems to wander around around 11am till about 1pm. Or there’s a few rabbits that like to fluffy bunny by the front door.

(Bobby) #11

With Arlo you can fine tune the motion sensor so that it ignores your neighbor’s cat and the little bunnies.

(Paul Haskins) #12

What about deer … and bigfoot?


No deer … but, yeah, snapshot going across a field :wink: Didn’t stop for dinner, though — guess it was in a hurry …