Lonsonho Zigbee wall light switch EU

Hi !

I just received “this”.

It paired easily to ST, and works nicely with “type : Zigbee Switch”

How ever, in mobile app that handler shows electric measurements, which this switch does not have. How do i get rid of those ?

I presume it requires custom device handler, is there somewhere easy HOWTO or such, for creating device handlers ?

Thnx !

PS. That switch is sturdy and feels good, and you can order it with or without neutral line. This one is without neutral, and it works like a charm !

Sounds like it paired as a zigbee switch power, you should be able to change to a zigbee switch in the IDE and the power measurements should go away.

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Indeed, thanks!

Hi @tontze I’m thinking to buy this brand of 3 gang switch.
I am wondering if the device handler you are using still works. Do you know?

yes it does work :slight_smile: It does not need any device handler, it works with “Zigbee Switch” when you edit device after discovery. This is for 1 gang switch, i dont know about 2/3 gang.