Longer distance presence sensor

I would love to be able to create a wireless presence sensor that works over a few miles but unsure if this is even possible. as using geofence is useless in the scenario i am after, I’ve tried but it never triggers.

What I want to do is have an announcement for the wife and kids if I am flying over our house. But with a cruise speed of 85 knots, as I said mobile presence doesn’t trigger in time and I am in and out of the geofence area before the mobile phone realises its there…unless I load up the ST app or life360 app manually when I am above the house…but TBH It’s not something I should be doing as my house in the region of some big hills…i don’t want to hit some cumulus granitus due to lack of care and attention :grin:

My zigbee presence sensor unsurprisingly doesn’t work either. Any ideas of what wireless technology (if any) could achieve this? Unless of course I could get some kit to pick up my planes transponder… .but I imagine that would be far too expensive

Assuming you are aware of when you are over your house and you are able to use bluetooth while flying you could use a flic. Just press it and it can text the wife, toggle a switch, flash lights, make a speaker announcement and all sorts of stuff.

I recently read an article about someone tracking planes with a Raspberry Pi.I can’t find that article, but came across this when trying to find it. Seems it can be done pretty cheaply with a USB Tuner Card


that sir is awesome…i can feel a new project coming along :smile:

This sounds like an awesome idea! Good luck!