Long running streams/loop playing with Sonos

I sleep with a noise machine at home and I’ve been thinking about the following scenario for Sonos in the bedroom:

  1. At “Good Night” mode starts, Sonos plays white/pink/brown/nighttime noise
  2. At “Good Morning” mode start, stop Sonos noise, play weather, news, switch to different radio station

It sounds like there is a way to get Sonos to play a particular file or radio station, but I’m not sure about playing a white/pink/brown noise for something like 8 hours straight. I can create an 8 hour mp3, but I’m just wondering about the reliability of having sonos play or stream it for that long. Has anyone tried something similar?

Bump. Anyone have any experience with something similar?

In terms of Sonos playing for long periods of time, there shouldn’t be any problems. We routinely turn on our local public radio station in the morning and leave it running until we go to bed. This would be 14+ hours with no issues. My wife sometimes just mutes it (instead of stopping it) at night so theoretically it is playing for days on end.

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