Long run of Lightify Gardenspots, etc

Hey all,

I will break this down into a longer explanation and a list of requirements.

Project Idea

  • Line 50ft flowerbeds / walkway with LED lighting for house / flowers / sesaon decorations, etc.
  • Proof of concept done with Lightify Gardenspots and received wife approval

Project Limitations

  • Only 1 outlet outside at beginning of run
  • Needs to be weatherproof for outdoors application

Long Explanation
So I have been doing some testing with the Osram Lightify Gardenspots and got wife approval on the concept. Currently running two strings of the Gardenspots to highlight a small Halloween display in the flowerbeds.

Now I have an issue I could use some forum help on.

I want to run some SmartThings connectable LED lights to line my flowerbeds in front of the house along a walkway. However, I have some really long flowerbeds and only one electrical outlet outside near that part of the house. So that leaves me with limited options other than bringing in an electrician to help with putting in other power outlet possibilities.

I would like to do one long run around 50 ft of something like the Lightify Gardenspots but only have the one electrical outlet. I know that the controller and power supply are only meant to handle two strings (28 feet) connected together.

Has anyone done the research on what power supply and controller combination would work to power a longer run on these? I am definitely comfortable with the idea of doing wiring work, etc. as needed but need help finding components and a set-up that folks feel would work.

Are there any other options out there that are as physically well executed as the Lightify Gardenspots? I like the stake and ability to angle the lights to shine where needed, etc. in the Gardenspot execution. I am willing to buy the Gardenspots and replace the controller and power supply with one that meets requirements if it is feasible. I would keep the spare controllers and power supplies for other things.


I had a short discussion similar to this question a while back with several other forum members.
Go to this topic say around post 109 to around 130ish

We never actually decided what to use for a power supply or how to go about it. There is some good discussion there you might find interesting or helpful.


Thanks for the feedback. Yes I had actually seen that portion of the conversation previously and was hoping that someone had actually followed through on doing the research / testing on the idea.

It was definitely beneficial and gave me some ideas about what I could / should be looking for. My downside is that I need to figure out where to shop for the needed equipment and I don’t have much background in that. Was hoping someone had already figured out the appropriate hardware and software combination.

Hoping we can get some other feedback in here!


At my plug for my same lights, I just use a 2 or 3 way plug for the outside plug. I have been doing this ever since I installed them and works fine. Something like this http://www.homedepot.com/p/2-ft-12-3-STW-3-Outlet-Extension-Cord-Red-and-Black-AW62612/100661429. I use the 3 way that way if I have to, I can plug one more thing in.

Your probably going to want a power supply like this.
LPV-35-5 Mean Well AC-DC LED Power Supply 5V 6A 30W https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00FRBSF1S/ref=cm_sw_r_other_apa_ROjeyb3Q9V5A3

That’s probably oversized a little. As for the lighting controller I don’t know if 1 controller can handle 4 strings. Guess you get to be the guinea pig on that.

Another option is having 2 supplies and controllers and use 2 strings. For the farthest lights use a 2 wire lead to take the DC power to that controller (possibly hidden in the flower bed).

Or get some rgb led spare cable and run the rgb signal from the controller (located by the plug with the power supply) to the 2nd set of lights.

All of these splices would need to be water tight. I’m sure there’s options for that if you search Google for low voltage landscape stuff.

I didn’t pursue any of this because using 3 strings in one supply / controller combination and limiting the level worked for my needs.

I think you should get yourself a good powersupply - https://www.yardbright.com/product/300-watt-multi-tap-transformer

Then switch out your outlet for a Zwave - smartthings compatible plug (I used the GE one). Then you can wire everything into the transformer and control it with timers in SmartThings. This is what I do and it works great. I use it to control my lights on my outside deck and bar. About 20 LED lights.