Logitech Pop Button

I looked at the Knock. The idea of tapping a sequence to turn something on for $130(retail)? Alexa is way more useful and not much more. I could see a few use cased for it though, like front door. With the granite example, I bet the range is not super far with vibration detection.

The Pop is interesting, but again price point is a little high. I would love to see small buttons that you can mount under cabinet/tables for around $10. Minimotes can be had for less than $15

The Beddi (with my smartApp integration with ST) is actually turning out into a sweet bedside replacement for my minimotes. Need to figure out what to do with them.

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haha didn’t even catch that. I misread to say what you really meant to say so that’s what why I was pointing it out. Unless anyone wanted them in their car on onthemselves as a panic button, how you have them set up is exactly how they should be set up being tied to a device that is always in the house.

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Can you share this please? I would like to try it with my Beddi too :slight_smile:

Sure! https://github.com/desertblade/Beddi_Connect


Really interested in this for our apt. Without a common wire, my attempts at installing a switch failed. And this solution seems far more flexible.

Right now we need a way to turn on the bedroom lamp for late-night feedings. We currently use the Alexa remote, but it can be cumbersome and inconsistent. Hoping a switch like this sitting on the headboard would be as easy as hitting a snooze button when half-awake.

There are a number of no-wiring devices which are available now ( most at a lower cost than the pop) that work with SmartThings as wall switches or table top buttons. There’s a list in the following thread (this is a clickable link) :sunglasses:

Thanks, I’ve seen a couple of these and the ones I looked at seems cheesy or just not quite as elegant and user friendly (thinking of a half-asleep wife trying to turn on the lights).

I’ll take a look at the others to see if I like any of them more.

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god i wish i could do that right now with my minimotes.

The Pop Switches will not talk to the Harmony Hub directly. They have their own bridge which has about the same outside perimeter dimensions as the switches and about 1 inch thick.

While the mobile app instructions say that it must be on the same Wifi network as the controlled devices, I found that not to be true for my SmartThings devices. It has a cloud-to-cloud integration so I was able to create a recipe on the switch that turned things on/off at home while I was 100 miles away. You can associate tap, double-tap and long-presses to do different things to different devices. Pretty cool actually.

The form factor might not appeal to all, but I see them being nice for like opposite ends of a long hallway, top/bottom of a stairwell and/or a nice nightstand switch. Your mileage may vary… :slight_smile:

BTW, they received high WAF :dancer:


Thanks for the information! :sunglasses:

The pop bridge must at least talk to the Harmony hub cloud to cloud, right? Because you can run harmony activities with the pop buttons. Or is that not true?

(I do understand that the pop bridge is an additional device that will also be required, i’ve edited my post above. )

Hey @JDRoberts, been a while.

Yes it talks to the Harmony hub. See: http://support.logitech.com/en_us/article/Working-with-Harmony-Hub?product=a0q31000009vuqLAAQ

Full KB is at:

Which includes how to hook up to SmartThings.


Do you know if pop bridge to harmony hub is local or not? Harmony normally runs fine on local wifi without internet once it’s set up, one reason it’s very popular for RVs. Is the pop going to require a cloud connection to reach the harmony hub?

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Not sure. You should post that Q in their Forums.


Can confirm WAF on the POP buttons is very high. Working great so far.

Edit: also, Logitech screwed up and shipped and add-on button. They then shipped a starter kit and told me to keep the extra button. Bonus!!


How much pressure does it require? (I’m always on the lookout for service dog-friendly buttons)

Not much. I would guess a dog could hit it with their nose without too much difficulty. I’ll try myself when I get home. Ahahaha

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Is the Logitec bridge necessary, or, can the Pop switch connect directly to the SmartThings hub? Trying to have fewer hubs.

Bridge is necessary unfortunately.

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Went home, pressed it with my nose. :laughing: Wasn’t very difficult. Dog should be able to do a single tap w/o issue. Would be impressed if you could train the long tap, and absolutely amazed for a double. :wink:

Definitely worth a try in my book. Let us know if you do!

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Usually I just put all three options to have the same effect, and that way I don’t have to worry about how long he presses it for. :sunglasses: