Logitech home, st and hue lights

(Daniel Consuegra) #1

Hi all!

Having an issue here…

I’ve set up an activity that when it runs, it turns on one hue light (sofa), and switches a bunch of non hue lights (living room and surroundings) off … And the opposite way around when I hit “off”.

In the smartthings app, the lights that turn on don’t appear as on!

Could it be a bug? Am I doing something wrong?

(Ron S) #2

What bulbs are you switching on? The only bulbs I know of are hues and GE links. Are you using some kind of a st supported switch (zigbee or Zwave) to switch on the other bulbs? If yes, then it will only show the switch stafus.

Only hues connected via hue hub to ST and GE links show their status if turned on or off via ST (not thru some other source!.

(Daniel Consuegra) #3

Oh, just regular Zwave switches… it’s all so weird… sometimes they appear as off and they are off, other times they appear as off but they’re on, and viceversa…

(Mark Brak) #4

I’ve had issues with SmartThings and Hue since I setup my hub. It controls Hue very poorly. The usual problem is that it won’t turn off/on my Bloom. I’ve had the app claim that lights are in the off state when they are really on as well. The last issue seems similar to your problem.