Logitech Harmony Hub and Sonos Grouping functions


In the new release of Harmony app there is a great feature for Sonos users:

Updated Sonos experiences with ability to manage groups & extend running audio to new rooms

This is good but it would be even better if we could use this over Smartthings or Amazon Alexa eventually.
Do you have any idea if it is possible to control this feature through Smartthings and/or Amazon Alexa ?

no ideas anyone ?

I’ve also submitted same question on Harmony forum below:

I am sure there are many Harmony users here but no one seems interested.
why ?

The Harmony Echo integration is something many people have been waiting for. Currently, it is in a closed Beta with plans to release before 2018.

what ?

I already have it ???

Sorry I mean Sonos Echo integration

ok. I am not looking for sonos echo integration here. I see that Harmony has new grouping functions for Sonos. And it migth also be controlllable from Alexa.
but hoW ?

Currently with the official integration you can only group speakers within the Sonos app or the Harmony app. You can create an activity that groups speakers together. I can’t say for sure, but I think Sonos would like to add the ability to group speakers via Alexa. It depends on how the beta testing goes I guess. It seems like these different companies are trying to make their products more compatible with one another. It may not be soon, but I’m sure it’s something they are looking at.

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