Logitech Harmony - Consistent Integration Issues

Maybe its just me, but I’m having all sort of issues with my Harmony ST integration.

  1. The Logitech Harmony Connect App does not keep the fact that I’ve already linked my Harmony Hub into ST and the various Activities. Quite often I have to keep going back into the App, reconnecting to my hubs (I have two) and re-select the Activities.

  2. Extremely inconsistent timings whereby starting an Harmony Activity on the Remote may take 1 mins, 20 mins, 30 mins to show up on the ST app (and yes I have come out of the App closed it and re-opened it too). This means that I can not configure meaning automated actions.

  3. As noted in a previous post, I turn on an Harmony Activity on ST the Activity shows as being turned on, but then the Activity on the ST app will turn off? Harmony Hub UK Integration (even though the Harmony Activity is working away)

I’ve added and removed my Harmony ST integration from both sides now multiple times and this has not resolved the issues.

At this juncture I’m so frustrated with this integration to me its not integration at all because to me integration means it should be consistent and showing across both appliances consistently.

I’m based in Ireland and therefore all involved servers I assume are the UK ones.

So am I the only unfortunate one to have these issues? Any words of wisdom to help resolve them?

Regarding your #2 and #3 points, I use community app pollster to keep harmony status in sync with smartthings. I have also seen posts of people using CoRE to do the same thing. I may transition to CoRE.

@dc1515 I was trying to leverage Core for some of my automation rules but not joy due to the syncing issue.

Can you point me to the Pollster app?

Pollster info here:

With CoRE people just do a “refresh” every x minutes.

@dc1515 thank you.

I had a look at core last night, and I didnt see any Refresh action…where should I be looking for that option?

Also when I was looking around in Core last night, I noticed a few strange things (this may be core related to be fair)

  • Harmony Activity that was Off was On in Core

  • The Power sockets that are turning off on the App (even after turning them on) were showing on in Core but Off in the App

I wasn’t using CoRE to do refresh, so I am not 100% sure this will work. I turned it on just now, and turned off pollster to test for you.
This is the piston I set up to do the refresh. Basically I am saying every time motion is detected, refresh the harmony hub. (I am not sure if I need all the individual activities too, but I put them in there for good measure…)

@dc1515 thank you. I had never actually associated anything with the hub itself.

The ability to refresh does make the Harmony Activities display correctly faster alright.

It doesnt seem to do the same for the ST devices that I hook into a Harmony activity mind ie a socket, but I’m still looking at the options.

Thanks again.

Saw an idea from @SBDOBRESCU in another thread that I’m going to try out tonight. He suggested setting up a virtual switch in ST for an overall on/off status that you include in every harmony activity. It would turn on with the first activity started, and stay on until the last activity is turned off. Since it would likely reflect changes in (almost) real time, it could be used as a more reliable trigger/condition for CoRE to do refreshes or other fun things.


I was using that method for months to set ‘movie scene’ when watching TV. I only recently changed to a power meter to detect when TV is on.

@YankeeJohnboy that’s how I do it too. I’ve an virtual switch that is on if any Harmony Activity is On and Off when they are all off. Its a great way to set up conditions with one item instead of many. In fact it was because of this configuration that I came across the issues (well I see them as issues :slight_smile: ) with the Harmony ST integration thing, because my switch took so long to go off :slight_smile: