Logitech Harmony (Connect) Controller Doesn't Work with App Correctly

Happy New Year ALL! I have a Logitech Harmony and the (Connect) app for SmartThings SmartApps. I have a WebCore device setup so that when I turn on “Great Room Watch Fire TV, Great Room Watch TV, Great Room Play XBOX One Great Room Watch Apple TV.” etc… and it “changes” to on/off, it triggers an Alexa Virtual Device Creator (created by @MichaelS - He’s the man by the way!!!)

Here’s the problem, I have it setup so that when any of my Logitech Harmony (Connect) turn to ‘On’ it triggers the Virtual Device. This works when I use my logitech harmony app on my iphone, my smart things (classic) app, and when I use Alexa voice control. When I use my actual Harmony remote, it does not work. My family does not use the voice command like I do, they rely on the physical remote. What am I missing here?

I know that in webcore it asks me about “interactions”. It asks when I turn on/off the Harmony command do I want the physical or programmatical interaction. I have ‘Any Interaction’ selected.

Any suggestions would be useful. Thanks so much.

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To your actual question - Physical or programmatic was there to support when ST devices actually reported an actual button press. It’s not really used because while it’s actually in some specifications it’s not in ALL specifications and even implementation of it is optional by vendors. If I’m not mistaken this led ST to stop passing the information along in a firmware update a couple years ago.

That said - read this thread: it works a champ to remedy the situation you discuss: Status of things slow to update

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Absolutely perfect! Worked like a charm…wow!!! Thank you so much!!!