Logic to detect person not responding in bathroom

This is a very popular question. There are already two smartapps supplied with SmartThings to do some of this:

And just in case those don’t meet your specific needs, multiple people Have created variations of this idea. Whether it would be reliable is a different question.

See the following topics:

And another for a very similar use case:

And another:

One where people shared several ideas:

And the medical Smarthome topic:

Those should give you some ideas to get started. :sunglasses:. There are obviously many different ways to approach this, depending on the exact details of each use case. (The presence of a dog or cat in the home, for example, greatly complicates the setup. Then you might want to trigger off a drawer where daily medication is kept not being opened, rather than motion in a room.

Some people simply monitor whether the person is home but the refrigerator has not been opened for 6 hours between 6 am and midnight, for example. Lots of variations.)