Logic question AND instead of OR?

I am trying to automate Empty home. I wanted to automate this feature when All the phones leave and when there is no movement in the house. The reason for this was if I have house guest I did not want them to deal with lights turning off when all the phones leave.

When I set things quite down. I realize that this was set up as or. So If there was no movement in the home the system would initiate empty home or if all the phones leave it would initiate it.

Is there a way to specify so both of these are satisfied before the empty home is applied.


Not out of the box. There are many ways to handle guests in the house when you aren’t home. here are some of varying complexities:

  1. create a virtual presence device, call it Guest, and then turn it on when you have a guest.
  2. Use CoRE to set your Away/Empty home mode. There you can define as many AND/OR as you want to trigger the mode change
  3. Have their phone on your wifi flip the virtual presence device. We use this with our OnHub for our normal baby sitter.

Thanks for the response. How do you set up the wifi flip the virtual presence sensor?

The Google OnHub has an IFTTT channel. So i setup a rule for when her iphone connects to our wifi to flip the virtual presence switch in SmartThings.