Logging to ELK server


I already created a SmartApp using the code provided by @btk. Thank you, sir. The console log works ok and I can see the json output just fine.

I have an ELK stack running on DigitalOcean. I used their one-click application, so everything is installed ok. I can access Kibana front-end just fine.

Now I need to start sending the data to the server. This is where I get lost. I tried something simple as adding my server IP/port to the config on SmartApp, but then I get:

error org.apache.http.NoHttpResponseException: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:5044 failed to respond @ line 164

On DigitalOcean’s tutorial they say:

In order to send logs to your ELK server, you will need to install and configure Filebeat on your other servers.

They explain how to install, and I am supposing that their idea is to send all logs from all other servers to ELK server. So, in my case, my other servers would be my Smartthings actually. But I have no idea how to do this step.

Does anyone know how to finish the configuration?

Edit: I tried to connect via telnet and it worked. Still, ST is not able to connect.