Logging power consumption over time

I have an Aeon Labs DSC06106-ZWUS that I want to use to log when my water heater turns itself on and off (I think it’s operating way too frequently, but want proof). It’s a gas water heater with a power vent, and I’m pretty sure that the vent operates whenever it is heating, so if I plug the water heater into this Z-Wave Metering Switch (leaving it turned ‘on’) the power spike should be sufficient for me to see on a graph over time.

I am using several identical switches for some security cameras, and I see very few entries in the device log in the Android app or the API. In fact, it appears that an entry goes into the log only when I tap either the refresh icon or “reset kwh”, or possibly only when the switch is turned off - not sure if this is accurate or not.

Can someone suggest a good way to get a log of power consumption over time from this device when I leave it turned on all the time?


People have done this a lot of different ways. One place to start would be to look at the quick browse links for “logging” in the community – created wiki. You might find something there that would work for you.


Thanks, I will check it out.

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I use initial state to monitor stuff if needed

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