Logging a light switch event that didn't happen (or logging it very late)

The “physical” means it was initiated by the device, but that doesn’t necessarily mean a physical button press.

What’s the brand and model of the bulb/switch?

The reason I ask is that a number of people have reported that in the last few days their Osram bulbs are randomly turning on by themselves. This appears to have to do with a recent update regarding over the air (OTA) firmware updates. Although the updates are only available for Samsung branded devices, the hub is now sending out a message that it is available for OTA’s, and this message in and of itself appears to be confusing the Osram devices. (And some zigbee sensors as well). The response by the device is logged as “physical.”

That’s not necessarily what’s happening to you, but it’s a good example of something other than a button press resulting in a physical event in the log.