Log events to Google Sheets [see post /36719/154 for current Github repo and v1.1]

Hi, I tried for many hours today to work through all the steps, created at GitHub account, etc but after many times of starting from scratch at google sheets, I still cannot even get the test url to insert a row into my sheet. " (Optional): Test out your new webapp, add this to the end of the URL from step 6: `?Temp1=15&Temp2=30"
i did get the message returned "The script completed but did not return anything. " however nothing appears in my google sheet.
Two questions:

  1. when the how-to describes "Open script: Click Tools → Script Editor. " I only have within the sheets menu list a “Extensions\Apps Script” which brings up a script editor. Is this the right editor?
  2. When the script is ready I then click on the blue “Deploy” button top right of screen. It doesn’t offer me the webapp to “Anyone, even anonymous”. I can select webapp and I execute as “Me” but my security who has access options are “Only myself” “Anyone with a google account” “Anyone”

I select “Anyone”

Any advice on how to get the test url to insert a row of test data into my google sheet?
I called the sheet filename “Logging” which shouldn’t matter, and left the default sheet name as Sheet1.


I have this running well, but I get duplicate times occasionally. I am using it with my Aeon Energy monitor. The “Energy” and "Power values update, only the time values get duplicated. Is anyone else having this issue?

Hi all. I am new to all this so I need some help. As a Parkinson sufferer, I want to record my restless night time actions, number of times awake or getting up. I have sensors working through Smartthings as well as a Aqara mini switch which I activate when I awake in the night. I want to produce a graph to see if there is an establish pattern to discuss with my Neurologist. Can anyone talk me through the process?
Many thanks