Log a message to 'hello home' without push notification

From a SmartApp, I would like to log a message to the “Hello Home” page (Dashboard -> notification list in the top-right), but do not want a push notification or SMS, which I think can be annoying. I don’t want every phone on the system to get notified, but want to check that my app ran and did what I expected. How do I go about this in a SmartApp?


sendNotificationEvent("This will only be delivered to Hello, Home")

exactly what I needed. Thanks!

I’m relatively new to SmartThings, how can I use this to prevent my son’s phone from getting notifications, but let my devices receive them? Do I need to add this code to each device type?

Thanks in advance!

Just go into Notifications on your son’s phone and turn off SmartThings notifications.

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Thank you. I was only looking in the app itself not the android notifications! That worked.

Another idea would be to install the Action Dashboard limited to only the devices that you want your son to have control of, then put the link as a shortcut on his phone, then remove the SmartThings app from his phone.

You can install another instance of the Action Dashboard for others with different controls and do the same for them, including one for a central home console/tablet.

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That is a good idea also @rayzurbock , What I ended up doing is creating Sharp Tools device icons on his phone and hiding everything else. I also disabled the notifications for the Smartthings App in the Android Settings.