Locks reporting as open

Any idea why locked locks (reported successfully for each device) is showing an “open” warning on the main app page?

I’ve had this issue for several days. The main page shows garage doors and locks as open, but when you enter the tile the correct status is shown.

Interesting. Yours sounds like a slightly different problem or manifestation of the problem but possibly same root cause. My devices show locked everywhere, except this “open” warning chip shows up on the main page. Maybe the chip itself is just stuck and not clearing. I’m ignoring for now as its not impacting any functionality, but it’s killing my OCD. :slight_smile:

I have same kind of issue with Danalock v3 {ZigBee} for some time, also.
When lock is pairet to ST hub it will show lock status correctly for some days, 1 or 2 days… After this lock status is always unlocked in ST, regardless is it locked or unlocked. However there is nothing wrong with the lock and lock status is shown correctly all the time in Danalock app. So there is something wrong with the SmartThings… :frowning: