There’s no day like today. ;p


Just popping in to say that I am slowly making progress. :wink: Well, not super slowly. However, I need to look into an issue with my particular Lockitron. I may see if I can swing by their offices tomorrow if I am able to arrange it.

@dkirker Thanks for the update on your progress. I’m really looking forward to integration with this device along with the new Ring video doorbell. This could make for a fantastic entry solution for those of us with gates.

Alright, making headway! I actually had the code working last night (for simple lock and unlock), but a nice typo masked that…

I’m going to chug ahead some more to get some more basic features in, then go ahead and get it in a state that is more usable (and more tested!).

@dkirker - Anything you can share for testing? Very excited about this integration. Thanks again for your investment of time and energy.

I apologise for the delay. Been working on getting my car fixed and regaining employment. :smile:

I don’t have anything useable/testable at the moment (well, it is usable, but it is more a demo state, so I’d rather spend another day on it before handing it out). Let me do some more work with it tomorrow and I’ll get something that can be played with up.

Any progress to share? Thanks for your effort!

A tiny bit, however, I have been occupied the last week or so being hired by SmartThings. :smile:

I have uploaded the source that I have so far to https://github.com/dkirker/smartthings-lockitron Basically, at this point, it can lock and unlock the door; however the state refreshing is very rough, so the icon may not update properly. Mostly what I am interested in is that you can log into your Lockitron account during setup, add a lock, and lock and unlock it. I’m planning to clean it up and improve it, plus add lock codes. You’ll see a bit more from me over the coming couple of weeks.

Feel free to fork and create pull requests!! B-)

So, it looks like Lockitron is reving their hardware. http://blog.lockitron.com/post/109301218722/introducing-bolt-our-next-generation-connected

I’m still looking to finish my code up. The Bolt sounds like it will be a MUCH better device (looks sexier, too). My lock sort of just eats my batteries in the worst possible way…

Would be great to continue working on this device type - I honestly haven’t had an opportunity to play with it as I had hoped, but will try to provide you some feedback. That way, when Lockitron releases the Bolt, the integration will already be ready. Thanks for the continued attention to this.

The original Lockitron is what happens when a team without sufficient engineering expertise tries to design hardware. No one else was doing a WiFi based lock for a reason–power consumption. It was inevitable that a battery powered WiFi lock was going to consume batteries way too quickly.

The new generation, the Bolt, is dropping WiFi altogether, as it should. The next generation will be BLE only.


WiFi is still a great protocol for many residential applications. Just not for battery powered devices that don’t get recharged every day.

The new bolt will still have a Wifi-to-Bluetooth bridge for handling communication from devices like our v1 SmartThings hubs.

The new lock, called The Bolt, is BLE only. They’re going to ship a separate device they call the Bridge which will provide wifi to BLE. You’ll be able to get the lock without the bridge if you don’t need it.

They don’t say, but it would make sense if the bridge unit is a plug in.


[quote]Bridge: Instantly Responsive WiFi

To conserve battery life and allow for instantaneous connectivity, we’ve removed the integrated WiFi chip from Lockitron Bolt and put it into Bridge. Bridge connects Bolt to the internet and allows for full, instantaneous control anywhere you have internet access. Whether you just want to let a guess in or forgot to lock your door on the way to work, Bridge is the perfect solution. It’s important to note that Lockitron Bolt is a standalone product and doesn’t require Bridge for local, Bluetooth Low Energy access or to share access with family and friend. This means you can choose the best Lockitron Bolt or Bolt+Bridge solution to suit your needs and budget.


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Hi dkirker. Thanks for getting this far on lockitron for smart things. I have a v2 lockitron with two Bolts on order.

Doesn’t look like any further work has happened on this smart app. I’m curious as to what state you got it to or is the state polling still not good as you say above ?

auth is failing when going into auth the app to access lockitron

lockitron response from auth website "an error has occured client auth failed due to unknown client, no client authentication included or unsupported authentication method.

I just got the SmartApp: https://github.com/dkirker/smartthings-lockitron working. I had to change the API endpoint address for SmartThings in the SmartApp (SmartApp.groovy) code. Here’s what I did…
I changed line 52
def getServerUrl() { return “https://graph.api.smartthings.com” }
def getServerUrl() { return “https://graph-na02-useast1.api.smartthings.com” }

Also, needed to change the Redirect URI referred to in the README.md
Enter in the following URL for the “Redirect Uri”: https://graph.api.smartthings.com/api/token/
Enter in the following URL for the “Redirect Uri”: https://graph-na02-useast1.api.smartthings.com/api/token/

After those two changes everything works as it should. Remember to enter your ClientID and ClientSecret from Locitron App into the App Settings of the SmartThings SmartApp.

Hi, was this for the bolt?

Hi alexanderdj,

The above advise is for Lockitron Bolt. I created that advice when I first started playing with Smartthings. I have discovered that there may be a small snag in what I found.

I came across that URI when I went to the code screen in Smartthings IDE and ran the simulate function. Once you install the simulated App there will be an API Endpoint listed at the end. The Domain for this Endpoint is the Domain you need for the steps above. There are several possibilities depending on where you connect to the IDE site.It could be a different site for you.

Hope this advice is helpful. If you need more help I can add a step by step to how the process is done.


Apologies for never checking in on this (or some of the comments on GitHub). I’ll have a look and make some changes to the code. After I got my first Lockitron (this was the very very first ones that died after a day or so because the Wifi chip ate the batteries) I gave up. I decided with the battery drain and possible risk of the lock acting up and locking or unlocking inappropriately I decided that I don’t want an active lock on my door. (I am working to make something that just reports door lock state.)


Would love to hear if you have done any improvement…