Locking down app for family users

Started to add family users to ST. Don’t want them messing with settings or anything, They won’t use it for anything, I’m just wanting them fit the presence factor really.

I’ve had to download the ST app (we all use iPhones), and put it in a folder out of the way, dabbled l disabled notifications, is this all I can do?


At the moment, if you want to use the iPhone as SmartThings presence, then … yes, that’s all you can do. SmartThings will be eventually adding more granular security. In the meantime, you should consider alternative presence App such as Life360 or perhaps the router hacks that watch for WiFi login…?

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Should have mentioned don’t want to use the ST presence sensor as it’s something else to forget, and if relied on it and it’s left at home then ST could become dumb if routines,SHM etc rely on it’s

WiFi login sounds like a good idea, prefer not to hack though.

Howe does Life360 app integrate with ST?


Very well… Actually. I think you can find it under “SmartApps / Marketplace”. A limited account is free.

The only problem is that the location radius is pretty big … 500 meters, I think? So doors get locked or unlocked rather early. But best to experience it yourself.

But using it with an extra verification could work right? Presence and garage door opened, button press etc. to help determine when to unlock the doors.

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Can’t see it, I’m in UK btw.

Also just thought, will other family members get texts etc if SHM alarms? I don’t want any I’d that I purely just want me to get them and alarms, e.g. Through the night and stuff.