Locked out of public support pages?

As of this morning, I cannot access any of the public support pages because the site wants me to sign in first, but then insists my credentials are invalid.

I’m guessing it wants a Samsung account, but you shouldn’t need to register just to read knowledgebase articles. Many people do that as part of their prepurchase research.

@Brad_ST @jody.albritton

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Same, looks like a switch to zendesk system too. It wanted to run more javascript than what I had previous allowed. Soooo… Guess no support. And agree with JD…about the openness of the KB. This goes against what ST has publicly said about being ‘open’. Oh and I wouldn’t even want to bring up GDPR issues since you do not NEED personal data to get support IMHO.

Ha, well that’s not good.

I looked into it and this is accidental, we’re working on fixing it, Thank you @JDRoberts for pointing it out and sorry for any inconvenience this might have caused.


It should be fixed now, thank you again for pointing it out.