Locked CT101 Thermostat from prior Groovy app

Hi folks, I have a CT101 thermostat that appears to now be locked out due to what I can only imagine was the prior RBoy advanced thermostat driver that allowed me to set a partial lock on the thermostat. Now that the driver has been auto-switched over to the new generic ST Z-wave driver, I cannot seem to unlock it: the device just errors out and auto-reverts the heating set point back to 65 degrees every time I try and set it above that value.

Any suggestions? Are there other, newer drivers that would allow me to restore the software/driver-based lock/unlock behavior on the thermostat?

Have you tried excluding it from Smartthings and then doing a factory reset?

Hardware Reset
*You should perform this reset if the Z-Wave reset above fails, or if you are encountering hardware issues This will clear any settings saved in the thermostat and disassociate it from the hub.

Step 1: On the thermostat, gently pull the top plate outwards and remove it.
Step 2: Press and hold the reset button for at least five seconds. The display will reset confirming this.
Please Note: After performing this reset if you’re running on batteries your yellow light will be blinking on the thermostat. This light will go of automatically in no more than 45 minutes.

Thanks @mlchelp. Thermostat’s several hours away and as it turns out it was not the CT101 model I thought, but a GoControl Z-wave thermo that had an on-device max temp setting that was causing the remote commands to fail. Adjusted that up and all is good now.