Lock or door status at certain time

I would like to check my garage doors and door locks at a certain time of day. For example, every day at 9 pm I would like to ensure my locks actually did lock 30 minutes before. Same with the garage doors, smartthings doesn’t have control of the door, but I want to be notified if I forgot to shut the door.

Any smart apps out there that can do that? I even tried IFTT but I couldn’t see how to check at a certain time.


You might want to take a look at this Smartapp

Hi Eric,
Are you using the Amazon echo or dot? If yes, then the smartapp EchoSistant may Judy be what you are looking for.

With it you can just ask Alexa anything’s you want of the door is open and she will tell you yes or no. You can Allsup create a report that will tell you this information and have our sent to you at any time.

I’m not using Alexis or anything like that. I will look into the super notifier app, it looks like that has what I’m looking for. I’m sure I’m doing something wrong but I’m not finding the app search to be all that intuitive.

Usually operator error. :grimacing:

This app does something similar, it verifies if anything is left on (or off), however it does it based on the mode and not time. So if you’re running a good night routine at night and the mode changes to night mode it will go in and check if everything is done as expected and if not then it’ll do it and notify you.

If folks are interested it could be enhanced to run the checks at a specific time schedule in addition to a mode change.

I use Core to do the locking itself at a given time, with 3 follow-ups 5 minutes apart.
Each follow-up does a counter++ if still unlocked. When counter reaches 3 I send myself a SMS.
There are multiple examples, or snippets that can be used, in the Core forums.
I have one piston for each door I check.


I tried the super notifier and I couldn’t get that to send any notifications. Also, it can’t check the status of my locks.

I have heard about the core stuff, but don’t know much about it. Guess I will have to start reading. I’m real surprised something like that isn’t a built in function.

Hi. Did you ever sort this ? I’m trying to get ST to send me a notification if a door lock is unlocked when a specific light is turned off. I’ve tried super notifier but doesn’t seem to work. Any ideas ?

Have you tried the “Notify Me When” smartapp from the Marketplace?

Edit: I don’t see a door lock trigger but there a bunch of other ones that might be useful.