Lock manager in the new iOS app

tried to use lock manager from gifthub I enable it on SmartThings app but I don’t understand how to change user code on the smartapp lock manager.

Choosing create new user doesn’t work? Any reason you aren’t using the standard smart lock guest access app?

I don’t have the stock app like you mention in my smart apps. On automation I can chose only the IF and THEN.

If the Smart Guest Access app isn’t available, take a look at this topic. If you just want to program basic one time codes on your lock there’s a free app available in the 1st post. For more advanced stuff like scheduling users, temporary users, notifications and actions you can check out the full blown LUM app (if you’ve installed any custom device handlers be sure to remove them and use the stock device handler)

What country are you in?

My Samsung Account when I first created is in Romania , and I made the mistake when I move to USA to install all my smart thing devices on this account. So I am in USA Florida with the developer mode on but my account is in Romania and I can’t chang3 it. I reached Samsung and they can’t help me. The told me to reach for help here.


Open the Settings app.

Choose “Screen Time.”

Make sure Screen Time is enabled and a passcode is set.

what are ou talking about? settings in which app? where is this screen time? in the iOS ?

anyway, I enabled screen time on my iPhone with password but still can’t see the smart apps in the developer mode