Lock door if is closed and mode is not party?

I have a sensor (strip by sensative) that tells me if my door is closed or not and and smart lock (kwikset 916).

I would like to set an automation that locks the door if the door is closed and the mode is not party.

First, i’m not sure how to create a new mode “party”. Second, i’m not sure what app i should use for the automation “User Lock Manager” allows me to manage the lock, but i don’t see an option to do what i want.

Thanks for the help!

Here is the docs on Mode: (TLDR need to add it through the IDE)

As for SmartApp look for Enhanced Auto Door lock. Its to the point and you can limit what modes to run in. Under Marketplace.

You could do it in Core, but would use the official App.

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Your best bet on what smartapp to use is CoRE. You can find it and the installation instructions here.

On how to create a new mode:

  1. Go to https://graph-na02-useast1.api.smartthings.com and log in.
  2. Click manage hub
  3. Click your hub location name
  4. Click ‘create new’ next to mode
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Recently for unknown reasons smartthings removed the ability to add a new mode through the mobile app. I find it strange, but it’s what happened.

You can still add a new mode through the IDE. Instructions are in the following thread:

As far as the automation, the official SmartThings features don’t really do a “while” construct. However, there is a community – created rules engine that can do exactly that. :sunglasses:

Setup is somewhat complex, but there are many community members who will be glad to help you.