Lock Code Automation

Hi there-

I’ve been digging through the community and can’t seem to find anything. I am wondering if it’s possible (or if anything exists) that would automatically create a lock code on my Schlage BE469 for a set period.

The use case is for a vacation rental property. I am thinking this should be possible somehow through IFTTT and rboy’s (or another) lock app…but I can’t seem to figure it out.

In an ideal world, receipt of an email (gmail) would trigger smartthings to program a new code (which would be included in the email) for a defined period (also included in the email).

Anyone know if this has been done, or if there’s a way to create that functionality?


There are a few free options out there but I personally use @RBoy’s app that I had to pay for:

The cost isn’t that much and I personally went this route because he has a ST App Store and focuses on this and he provides great support and takes enhancement requests. It has been great.


I second @RBoy’s Lock Manager. Each code you set up has options for permanent, one time, expires on, scheduled, and inactive when you set it up

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Thanks guys. Sounds like @rboy 's Lock Manager is a good solution. The piece of this (that I don’t think I explained well) was that I’m hoping to automate as much of it as possible. IE -through some sort of integration with IFTTT (or similar) whereby a trigger (ie. receipt of an email with a certain subject line / content) automatically sets a new lock code (and its duration).

Are you aware of whether anything like that can be rigged up?

Late you trying to automate AirBNB? You can do it with using CoRE and IFTTT combo if you want a custom integration.

Yeah - for AirBNB, Homeaway, etc.

Thanks so much. That’s awesome!

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Hey RBoy - I wonder if you can give me a hand or point me toward how I might go about setting something up with your lock app to program temporary codes based on info extracted from an email. You previously suggested CoRE along with IFTTT…but I’ve been messing around, and not been able to come up with anything.

(the use-case is for vacation rental properties. my Vacation Rental software automatically sends emails to renters, and I can set it to include a unique door code. I’d love it if I could automatically integrate that with your app so that the code is programmed for the relevant dates).


Hi Dave, have you had any luck with this?

Afraid not…are you working on the same thing?

Rboyapps is now testing an app for this very problem. I’m beta testing for them now.

That’s great! Keep me posted…

Hi Dave, the rental lock automator was just launched. I was a beta tester on it. Great app.

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