Lock Android Tablet When Away?

I used Smart Lock with my Nexus 5 and it worked like a charme. No lock screen and pin at home (location) or in the car (bluetooth). Since I use Android Pay and have a finger print reader in the phone that’s amazing to unlock your phone just with your fingertips :slight_smile:
I’m also not sure if Smart Lock and Android Pay are interfering. Never tried it out.

Not sure if the Trusted Face option would work for @GoGators


Hey, maybe I misread? Or misunderstood? You do realize everything we’ve been talking about is running on the tablet?
My house has 2 iphone and my android. My tablet is also android. Thats why it can run the tasker utility.
My tablet doesn’t really care about anyone’s phones. The phones do not interact with the tablet in any way.
As for having to re-pair your switches. Possibly you have issues with your zwave / zigbee mesh network. (I think that’s how to word it) You might need to focus on that get it leveled out. I know I’m lucky but never had to deal with that much. My hub is fairly centered in house. Away from my WiFi access point. I would be beyond frustrated if stuff kept disconnecting.

Everything works on either operating system but for some reason, the Android doesn’t like the iPhone to wake it up, not sure what’s up.

As for the switches, I thought it was the hub location so I hid it under the couch and it’s literally right next to the switch but it drops non stop, along with the ones further away. I used Iris when it first came out and it was great but limited so I switched. I love everything ST can do but my wife is less than pleased ha

I’ll keep messing with it and value your input, really appreciate it!

I’m missing the big picture here. I don’t understand how or why the phone is telling the tablet to wake up?

Have you searched the forums about hub connection issues? I know early on I had some issues because my hub and access point were too close together. I think once I had to do a zwave repair to get my door lock to be happy.

How do you connect your hub with your router? You have to connect the hub by LAN to your router?

I have a Cat5 lead that runs from my router (located in back room of house) to the corner of living room which is close to center of the house downstairs. I then have another Cat5 lead that runs from the same router to the entertainment center where the WiFi Access Point is located. I ran the leads myself down under the house in crawl space and back up into the locations I needed. My router has it’s WiFi access turned off since it is in the back of the house we would have a weak signal in the main living room where we spend most of our time.

I originally had the Smartthings hub plugged into the access point by entertainment center. It’s on the outside wall at the other end of the house. It now sits in the corner on the other side of same room. On or sometimes under the table in that corner next to the couch. If your not looking you don’t really even notice it sitting there. That puts like 20 feet between the 2 devices.

Making up a Cat5 cable is fairly easy. I also bought a cheap tester to verify my leads. Worse part was going under the house NOT one of my favorite things to do!!!