Lock Access Code Control

So I love my ST hub, I have one in my home and one in a small vacation home I own. I connected my main home before ST had any locks so I bought a Lockstate lock for my home. Works great, can set codes from the app or any PC, restrict use to select days and time. But it isn’t integrated with ST. When I added my vacation rental to the ST I bought a ST compatible lock, Schlage. To this day I have not been able to figure out Eric’s code and how to do what so many of you much smarter people have been able to do with his add-on app. I wanted to remotely be able to add and delete access codes, the unit is 2 hours away and is rented 75% of the time.

I am purchasing a second little vacation rental and am faced again with how to outfit the unit with ST devices. I am going outside the ST community for this and purchasing a Lockstate lock. I would love to be able to control everything in one app but I already go outside for my NEST and will continue to use NEST so why not for a lock that I can actually control.

I love the ST app and some of the products that I can control with it but this lock thing has done me in. I am throwing in the towel and until ST has a lock and the software to control it with ease I need to fire you on the lock control front. In fact I ordered a lock state lock for the first rental and will replace the Schlage on that unit. Anyone interested in a slightly used lock, message me.

Karen Baker

We have plans to add this. We have something internal and hope to release it in the future. Some testing needs to happen first, we are sensitive with locks and want to make sure it is bulletproof.

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5 years later … I have a Lockstate lock, does everything I want except One Time Password, where you can set a window of time within which the access code can be used exactly once.
I am surprised there is no obvious mention of an existing integration (except, of course, the teaser from @slagle :wink: )
I am currently working with the API and the webhook notifier to integrate the lock device with other platforms. Artik Cloud (RIP) provided a device type … so will check the dev platform here. Any info would be appreciated.