Locations as Alternate Setup

Is it possible to use LOCATIONS as a separate setup for holiday setups?
For example:
Lets say on Halloween or Xmas I want to re-purpose a bunch of lights, motion sensors and switches but I don’t want to lose my configuration that is used for the rest of the year.
Can I use the LOCATIONS to do this or is there some other way to save all my configuration and re-apply the saved configuration after an event?

Devices and SmartApps are tied to a specific Location… So good idea.

Unfortunately, your Hub can only exist in one Location, so it cannot control those seasonal devices. Guess you need a second Hub.

Guess I have a reason to buy ST v2 now. My wife loves Halloween and decorating so when I showed her what can be done with ST devices she got worked up. That just bought me a ticket to additional devices AND a hub!


It’s a good day in Brad’s house :wink: