Location seen in IDE but not seen in iPhone app

I recently reset my Hub (v2) as the number of devices (over 150) was cluttered up and automation was not working as intended.

While I was setting up devices, my main location (including the hub and devices linked to that hub) went missing from my iPhone app (new version). When I connect to IDE, I can see the location but cant see on the iPhone App. The few automations that I had set up is also working. How can I get the location to apper on my iPhone app? Any help and tips will be really appreciated.


@Brad_ST Sorry if I am tagging you in a wrong way. This is my first interaction in this community. I saw you re-synced the location for someone with similar problem. Can you let me know how to re-sync the locations? Thanks in advance for your help.

  1. try signing out and sign back in with the app
  2. go to menu (3 bars in the upper left of the screen) and look for your location

Tried logging out and even deleting and reinstalling the app.

In the menu I can see a blank location ‘My home’ which gets created automatically. I cant see my main location. I can see 2 locations on IDE but only ‘My home’ on the app. flushed:

When you login to IDE at https://account.SmartThings.com which URL are you redirected to? What country are you in?

it takes me to https://graph-eu01-euwest1.api.smartthings.com

I am based in UK

It looks like a syncing issue. @mayur.lalithraj can you check if things look as expected now?


Thanks a ton for you prompt action. Its working as expected. Is syncing something I can do at my end?


The syncing is multi-faceted and certain actions can result in a sync such as editing a location in the IDE. Ultimately I believe your location was in a state that required staff involvement as it wasn’t as simple as missing devices or inconsistencies between the now defunct Classic and new apps.

Ok. Thanks. Its all working fine now. :slight_smile: