Location Mode Changes Failing (15 Nov 2023)

Disabled my backup Routine too set the location via a manual run routine (aka Scene), and the Location is now being set by my original Routines. (smile).


My operations seem back to normal as well. I though these were all supposed to be local now, but from what I’m reading it seems that ST cloud was impacting all of us?

Short comment: looks like local virtual switches are back to being able to change the location mode.

Longer comment: I had created new cloud based virtual switches using the built in virtual switch section from the ST Labs. Created new routines that change the location mode based on those new switches and disabled my old routines. This morning, based on the last few posts, I disabled the new routines and enabled the old routines that used Todd’s vEdge driver. Manually changed the virtual switch and my location mode changed. So it looks like we’re back and working like before Nov 15.

Update: I had posted a question to ST from within the app, but never heard anything via email. I just looked now and noticed a “My questions” section. In there I discovered my question (I never knew about this). Apparently there was a reply from customer support the day after I asked my question. It was mostly useless (re-install the app, re-install the device, then reboot the phone). And the ticket is marked Closed. Without any further interaction between us.

Finally, has anybody gotten any explanation as to what happened? I’m not expecting details, just “oops, we made a programming error”, or “some system failed”. Just want them to acknowledge that something changed as opposed to “we have random stuff happen and our platform is just unreliable”.


Hello everyone

The problem was fixed a few days ago for the computer, from the recent comments on the post I can see that it is now working properly, sorry for the delay I was on holiday.

but in the case that you still experience the problem feel free to contact me or @Ivan_Luis_Falleau

Also, now you can deactivate the support access


Thank you. Here running OK since Sunday.

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@AlejandroPadilla Can you say if the fix was the same as the other time this problem happened a month ago?

@Alwas Did the same problem occur a month ago? Sorry, there were more cases that I attended to, so I don’t remember sorry :sweat_smile:
A month ago, there were some latency issues with requests to some services on SmartThings, so maybe it could be related to it.

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I have had problems with location mode changes for a couple of weeks. I put them down to upgrading my Pixel 5 to Android 14.

Initially, SmartThings didn’t realise when I left home, or arrived at home. I could change the location mode manually. Changing the location mode manually is a pain, but it did work once I had changed some routines to use the location mode instead of my phone arriving/leaving.

On Sunday (19/11), I arrived home and SmartThings asked me to log in again. I did so, and the location mode changed to Home automatically. Unfortunately, things have not been fixed.

Arriving Home: Geolocation works and all routines run.

Leaving Home: Geolocation works, but no routines that are based on location mode run.

Manually changing location mode to night: Routines that used to run when the location mode was changed don’t run.

I know this isn’t particularly helpful but my Pixel 4a-5g upgraded to Android 14 a couple of months ago and I’ve had no issues with geo-location.

It might end up helping with my problem, so thanks for replying.

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